Our Horses



Princess is a jumper and eventer pony.  Fast and agile, she will jump anything you point her at.  She knows her dressage well and is a great mount for eventing, jumpers, and lessons.

Official Name Princess
Nickname Princess
Color Flea Bitten Grey
Gender Mare
Breed Connemara Pony
Height 13.3
Age 2006
Owner Windmill Stables




Ellie is an adorable Arabian pony. She is a fabulous little jumper. She has a fun personality. She likes to figure out how to get out of her stall especially if she thinks she can find the treat barrel. The students love to ride her because she is a perfect jumper. All you have to do is point her at the jump you want her to go over and she knows what to do.

Official Name Mahr Elaa
Nickname Ellie
Color Gray
Gender Mare
Breed Arabian
Height 13.3
Age 2002
Owner Windmill Stables



Cheyenne is one of our best lesson horses. She is our go-to mount for any student's first show. She's a triple threat with dressage, show jumping and cross country.  She takes care of her rider and knows how to bring home the ribbons.

Official Name Sugar and Spice
Nickname Cheyenne
Color Chestnut-White blanket
Gender Mare
Breed Appaloosa
Height 15.0
Age 2008
Owner Windmill Stables



April is the ultimate school horse.  She has amazing endurance and excels at cross country. She was trained so you could shoot off her back at a gallop. There is nothing she will not jump.  From beginners to advanced students, we can always count on her putting her all into each ride.

Official Name Easy Nites Angel
Nickname April
Color Flea Bite Gray
Gender Mare
Breed AQHA
Height 15.2 Hands
Age 2003
Owner Windmill Stables



Mayzie is very reliable in the ring.  All of our students always request to ride her.  She loves to jump and can memorize a course.  So hang on!

Official Name Mayzie
Nickname Mayzie
Color Paint
Gender Mare
Breed Paint
Height 14.3 Hands
Age 2006
Owner Windmill Stables




Thea has the most amazing trot - or should I say "jog".  She was trained to be a fox hunter so Thea is the definition of bomb proof.  Nothing phases this girl.  She is the ultimate trail horse.

Official Name Goddess of Dawn
Nickname Thea
Color Black
Gender Mare
Breed Quarterhorse x Paint
Height 15.1 Hands
Age 2010
Owner Windmill Stables




Buck is the ideal lesson horse for our students. He is very good at teaching young child how to jump. Because of his size he is very cuddly. The kids love to hug on him and give him lots of treats.

Official Name Buck
Nickname Buck
Color Buckskin Dun
Gender Gelding
Breed Welsh Pony
Height 12.3 Hands
Age 2006
Owner Windmill Stables




Smarty is the perfect beginner horse.  We can put any level rider on her.  She takes care of beginners on the lunge line and then lopes off with an advanced student.  Her gates are to die for.

Official Name Smart Bonita Chic
Nickname Smarty
Color Palamino
Gender Mare
Breed Appaloosa
Height 15 Hands
Age 2004
Owner Melissa Allen




Jasper is a rescue horse that was adopted from the Pegasus Project. He is in training and has the potential to make an amazing Dressage horse. He has beautiful lines and movement and is eager to please. He has a sweet demeanor and is patient and loving to children.

Official Name Jasper
Nickname Jasper
Color Seal Brown
Gender Gelding
Breed Saddlebred/Thoroughbred
Height 15 Hands
Age 2009
Owner Sandy Seaton




Mira is a rescue horse that was adopted from the Pegasus Project. She is in training and has taken quite a love for jumping. She is very curious always looking for something to get into. She does liberty work and loves to perform. She loves any and all attention and will come when you call her name.

Official Name My Little Miracle
Nickname Mira
Color Bay
Gender Mare
Breed Quarterhorse
Height 14.1 Hands
Age 2010
Owner Avery Seaton