Boarding includes:

  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Feeding 4x per day (grain 2x and hay 4x)
  • Use of lighted arenas and round pen, preference given to lessons
  • Turn out for barn stalls
  • Automatic watering and/or manual watering of fresh water multiple times daily
  • One tack locker per stall
  • Use of 7 acre jump field and access to riding trails


12 x 12 stall $700
12 x 12 stall
with attached run
Lesson Horse Use Discount* $5/ride (max $100/month)

* upon approval and at the discretion of WINDMILL STABLES


Extra Services
Daily Medicine/other (supplied by Owner) $15 /month
Daily Supplements (supplied by Owner) $15 /month
Extra Hay (one extra flake per day) $50 /month
Extra Hay (two extra flakes per day) $100/month
Specialty hay (Alfalfa) per flake $3 each
De-wormer $20/application
Natural barefoot trimming(once per month) $50 each
Daily turn-out for stalls with runs $50 /month
Trailer Parking $25/month
Blanketing as needed (blankets supplied by boarder) $20/month


Staff fee (per horse) $50
Trailer fee (per horse) $25
Cost per mile (per horse) $0.75/mile

Cost for any additional services will be determined on a case by case basis.


Link to Downloadable Boarding Brochure and Forms

Indoor Washrack
back arena
Arena #2
horse boarding
stall with runout
Stall with Runout
tack room
Tack Room
Jump Field
Jump Field


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EquiPride Bag 50 lb $85
EquiLixPi Lick Block 50 lb $75